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2010-05-05 wfyd-1.1 is released. An new feature for those who have wfyd running for a long time - the main window is now cleaned up once a day to contain records for last two days only. In addition, 'Last active day' Journals filter now doesn't take current day into account.

2009-12-28 wfyd-1.0.1 is released. One more issue fixed - 'projectname' became undefined when creating database from scratch.

2009-11-11 wfyd-1.0 is released. After some minor fixes, we can say that wfyd is really stable now.

2009-03-28 wfyd-0.9 is released. This release adds project autoselection (the last used project is automatically activated on startup). There are also some bug fixes that concern entity manipulation in both main and journals windows.

2009-01-21 wfyd-0.8 is released. Now the Journals window has filters allowing to simply obtain data for the last active day, week or month.

2008-11-18 wfyd-0.7 is released. The main feature of this release is possibility of summing up the time spent on several tasks - just select necessary tasks in the task list and total time spent on them will be displayed in the statusbar. This feature is available in both main and journals windows.

2008-03-13 wfyd-0.6 is released. Now wfyd uses sqlite database instead of pickle, has export to plain text file support and has new 'Journals' window that allows to observe reports for a given period of time.

2008-01-10 After more than two years of inactivity, wfyd project has moved to sourceforge. New wfyd-0.5 release is out, with some small bug fixes.
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